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QBICS Career College

Believe highly in principles founded in GOD father, Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

We have one planet and our life term is around 100 years since we were born, how do we want to live this term on our planet?

with pain, agony, suffering, fear, and unhappiness

our maker, our creator create this planet with all his love for us.

let's show we are smart and seek harmony and happiness at all times and live in peace and happiness till he calls us into his kingdom.

help the vulnerable and weak ones, show your kindness that is in you, all of us were made in his image. 


Mission Statement and Objectives

QBICS CAREER COLLEGE is dedicated to providing quality training programs and empowering students to become successful in high-demand jobs.

The overall goal of QBICS CAREER COLLEGE is to provide all students with high-quality training through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service. QCC is committed to guiding students with innovative teaching techniques and exposing students to a wide array of technology to enhance their intellectual, professional, and personal growth. QCC will maintain a leading role in the industry while continuously upgrading training techniques and programs to meet the highest expectations of its graduates. In addition, QCC will increase the job marketability of its graduates by promoting leadership, self-discipline, and motivation to compete in today’s demanding job market by offering Medical assistants, Nurse Technicians, Nurse assistants, Phlebotomy, Network Technician, ComputerTechnician A+.

Center circle represents GOD the Father.
Middle center shows the cross of pain respresenting Jesus Christ.
The Four Squares:
1 Family Tree
2 Law & Health symbols
3 Technology
4 Solar system
Each square contains either a zero or the number one
"One" represents Man
"Zero" represents Woman
Binary code is the word QBICS Career College

What QBICS Means?


school logo“ A new Journey in your life starts, where you will find your way and a place in the Universe. ”

Q-Quest(Journey) B-Bio(Life) Itin-(Way) C-Cen(New) S-Spati(Space)